Is Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge the Best Bet for Tech Savvy?

The number of edged smartphones is getting increased with each passing year. The era was started back in 2015 by the leading mobile manufacturer Samsung by its Galaxy Note Edge. And now, we have plethora of devices in this fray to compete with each other. The craze of curved edged and curved display has become common in the tech industry. Apple and Samsung are the biggest contenders in this fray for the curved edges. Samsung is offering the touchscreen on its curved edges while Apple has just made the edges curved for the improved and more benign aesthetic.


If you are not a big fan of Apple and really want to experience something new on the curved edges, then Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Specifications of this smartphone are almost identical with its non-edged sibling- Galaxy S7. You can find one or two features extra from the S7 in the curved-display model. Well, you also have a massive battery of 3600mAh to juice-up the device with power. So, you are free from the worries of searching the power outlet to charge the device. It can run throughout the day in one charge.

Apparently, Samsung has left with no other option on storage front. You will have to satisfy with the only 32GB model, which can be expanded though for up to 200GB, thankfully. So, it’s a best part that when your inbuilt space started becoming small for your documents, files, photos, and apps, then you can store data in the SD card or can move the apps from built-in storage to SD card.

Its curved and thin edges make the device easy to hold in hands with good grip, despite its 5.5-inch large screen. If you can spend little extra bucks for the edge display, bigger screen and of course the bigger battery, then buy Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is a best bet for you. But, you are not rich enough or not fervent for experiencing the curved display on the both edges, then you can definitely switch your mood and opt for the Galaxy S7 at lesser price than the edge model.

However, this bigger smartphone is publicized a lot by the manufacturer and also grabbed the attention of a big crowd with its aesthetic. So, it’s totally your decision which handset can captivate you with features and built.


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